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New page for physician and patient consultations

 Update: This page is new and updated on September 30, 2014 providing updated information for physician and patient clients for the consulting services rendered by Dr Vasquez.

  • Patient consultations: Please complete this updated intake form using Foxit or Acrobat or other PDF-editing software, then email your forms and other information to Dr Vasquez with an email titled "CONSULTATION -- [your initials]" to the email address* provided in the form.
  • Physician consultations: Email* and discuss with DrV; no forms required as we will adhere to normal professional standards
  • Email: * Consult Dr Vasquez AT G mail  .com
  • Duration: Approximately 90-120 minutes of engagement; Dr Vasquez is generous with time and effort: his goal is "impressive success worthy of publication" with each case.
  • Safe and secure payment directly via Authorize.net:


Video overview:


Overview of concepts, details, scope and focus:

  • Consultation services: Available for physicians and patients, customized applications of Dr Vasquez’s clinical experience, extensive training, and published protocols in his books and articles.
  • Telemedicine: Audio-video meetings via internet, using Skype or GoToMeeting.
  • Voluntariness and fee-for-service: Self-explanatory
  • Scope: Expert and personalized overview and recommendations; Dr Vasquez lives abroad and is therefore not taking a primary role in treatment and management; care—especially for more complex and rheumatologic conditions—will be coordinated with the patient’s local/chosen primary care provider or specialist.
  • Benefit for patients: Direct access to expert-level information customized for their individual needs and condition(s); fee for service. Customized treatment recommendations can be discussed and shared with local/chosen primary physician.
  • Benefit for physicians: Personalized mentoring in patient treatment, assessments, risk management and practice success; business expense.
  • Benefit for Dr Vasquez: Continuation of clinical experience and testing/documentation of clinical effectiveness of researched treatment protocols; personal importance and priority.
  • Agreements and engagement: http://inflammationmastery.com/consultations/ 



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